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The life expectancy for Black men at birth in Chicago is eight years less than the National average.

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As per results of initial focus group discussions, primarily black male physicians, residents & medical students.

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Project Brotherhood has designed numerous programs to increase the health awareness of men.

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Celebrating over 10 years of service to over 30,000 men

Project Brotherhood (PB) has developed a community based outreach and prevention program for African American men (AAM) residing in the Woodlawn and other surrounding south side communities of Chicago, Illinois.

With this model we have created a “safe” place for Black men to come and seek services. Project Brotherhood goals are to increase the health awareness in black men, with PB’s definition of health being: complete physical, mental, social, economic and spiritual well being. Project Brotherhood’s mission is to increase the health awareness in Black men by training Black men & providing preventive health messages & literature in a cultural & gender specific way (age specific when necessary). With this new awareness Black men are more likely to go for health screening and testing. This may lead to an early diagnosis and PB knows Black men die from disease due to late or “no” diagnosis at all.

Whether it is on the baseball field, basketball court, or just hanging on the corner, Project Brotherhood has become a trusted source of health information and services for men on the south side of Chicago. Project Brotherhood has presented its program and research at a wide variety of professional conferences. We have been honored with the James Wright Award from the National Association of Public Hospitals and have received numerous positive attentions from the press. The Center for Disease Control has recognized Project Brotherhood as an outstanding program that can help reduce health inequities. Project Brotherhood was featured in an installment of CNN’s Black in America.

The Power Hour on 106.3FM call in every Sunday 773-928-9230 to talk to the brothers!

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At The White House

Executive Director Marcus Murray of Project Brotherhood speaks on panel discussion at the White House on Black Men's Health and HIV

Here’s what others had to say about Project Brotherhood:

Moderator Jeff Johnson of B.E.T Question:

“Who has been most affective in the last year in doing that and where can people begin to plug into to be a part of reducing some of these other systemic problems that are affecting HIV/AIDS as well?”

Dr. David Malbranche Assistant Professor Emory University School of Medicine answer:

“If you wanna talk about success’s look down at the end of the table at Marcus with Project Brotherhood in Chicago, that’s probably a model I think needs to be replicated across the country”.

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